CTOS Business Systems Sdn Bhd is a MSC status company.  CTOS Credit Manager  and CTOSNet software are  the major products of CTOS Business Systems Sdn Bhd.   

The CTOS Credit Manager and CTOSNet are specially tailored made for businesses to master   the 3 credit management power tools: Evaluation, Monitoring & Recover.  We use information technology to help your business  gain a leading edge in the credit evaluation, control and management of their customers. We are working with numerous established Content Information Providers in the credit information areas, including CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd the Credit Reporting Agency, SSM, NRD and JIM.

The CTOS Credit Manager is the most popular product of CTOS Business Systems Sdn Bhd.  It is a user friendly full fledged internet application which enable storage and retrieval of its contents electronically. With the CTOS Credit Manager, many time consuming credit functions in normal credit operations and  management have been significantly simplified and their effectiveness  is tremendously improved. Since the last decade, the CTOS solution has established itself as a popular, rich and ready information resource system  for the businesses in Malaysia.

Today, CTOS Credit Manager and CTOSNet have established themselves as an important and vital tool in the daily management of most of the financial institutions , finance companies, credit card issuers , securities firms, thousands of commercial firms and hundreds of legal firms in Malaysia.  Are you a CTOS user yet? Join us and take your quantum leap in your Credit Management with us NOW!